Calavo Introduces New Avocado Salsas

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Sun. July 5th, 2015 - by Jessica Donnel

SANTA ANA, CA - Calavo Growers is introducing a few more items to its line of innovative avocado products, this time with two new avocado based salsas. With new flavors like Sweet and Spicy with Mango, and a Cilantro Lime, the avocado-based salsas are sure to get some consumer attention.

Calavo's Cilantro & Lime and Mango Salsas

Not quite guacamole and not quite a traditional salsa, the thinner consistency of these products make them more like a condiment or a spread, Rick Joyal, National Sales Manager at Calavo tells me.

Calavo's Salsa Close Up

When I ask Rick what helps differentiate this from other competitors' products, he tells me, “Right now there are no similar items to these avocado salsas. We have no competition in this arena and nobody else is really doing it on a mass scale yet. Consumers now are constantly looking for new product offerings, and this satisfies that.”

Because consumers normally associate avocados with guacamole and chips, these products are reaching a more adventurous type of eater. This product capitalizes on the recent rise of the avocado trend, Rick adds, while also offering a new use as a condiment, in salads, wraps, and pitas, and more.

Calavo's Salsas

“These products are also exciting because they are all-natural and non-GMO certified, which are now hot button issues,” says Rick. ”People don’t want additives, so we’ve also achieved a 96-day shelf life using all-natural ultra high pressure processing that keeps the product raw and maintains the nutrients.”

Calavo's Cilantro & Lime Salsa Nutritional Facts

Calavo says that retailers can sell these best in both the deli and with the condiments. Cross-merchandising possibilities for these salsas are endless, being a great accompaniment for things like chips, celery, carrots, process fruits, crackers, pitas, and more. The packages come in 6/12 oz pack sizes, making them great for quick rotation through the grocery store.

Stay tuned to AndNowUKnow as we take closer looks at all of Calavo’s latest product offerings.

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