Earthbound Farm's New Kale Italia Blend

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Wed. August 20th, 2014 - by Andrew McDaniel

Earthbound Farm has expanded its popular line of kale-based Deep Green Blends with the addition of Kale Italia, a zesty mix of baby kale, Italian greens, arugula and radicchio.  Kale Italia has a pleasant crunch and a robust flavor profile.  Even beyond delicious salad, this blend is great for pastas, risottos, sautés and more. 

Earthbound Farm's New Kale Italia Blend“The love of kale is here to stay,” said Nathalie Fontanilla, Vice President of Product Innovation at Earthbound Farm. “Baby kale is so versatile that it satisfies that desire for an all-purpose green that works in smoothies, cooked recipes, and salads equally deliciously. And combined with the Italian greens in this blend, we think consumers will rave about Kale Italia. Retailers will be pleased with the incremental sales this item will generate.”

“Kale Italia has the versatility and freshness consumers want at a price they can afford,” she added. “And the fact that it’s so nutrient-dense is a driving factor of its popularity.”

According to a press release, Kale Italia is available in a 5 oz clamshell, and its launch is supported with eye-catching point-of-sale material.  It is shipping now with a suggested retail price (SRP) of $4.99.

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