Jordan's Picks for PMA Fresh Summit 2015 Products that Stood Out on the Show Floor

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Wed. October 28th, 2015 - by Jordan Okumura-Wright

ATLANTA, GA - I think it’s pretty much a given that PMA Fresh Summit exhibitors truly bring their A-game to this annual event, and this year’s convention in Atlanta, Georgia, was no different.

While this industry is definitely the unique beast that it is because of the people, equally as important are the product innovations. From pioneering varietals to packaging and product debuts, here are some of the companies that stood out from the crowd, and while there were many more I’d love to list, here are some of my favorites.

Stemilt - Fresh Blenders™

As always, visiting with Stemilt Growers brings with it a wealth of education and, for this show, apples. This year, the company showcased its Fresh Blenders™ pouch bags which offers a unique product to help retailers appeal directly to this consumer. Fresh Blenders™ come in a 5-pound bag of value grade apples that present sweet or tart flavor profiles and multiple varieties for each. I love the ease of the resealable pouch bag which is designed to stand up vertically for easy display at retail and in the refrigerator at home.

Red Sun Farms - Biodegradable Fiber Packaging

Red Sun Farms' Biodegradable Fiber Packaging was another great highlight from the show, as companies throughout the industry continue to align their programs with sustainability initiatives. Red Sun's organic grape tomatoes will now be packed in an Earthcycle fiber base which is top sealed and offers a 90% reduction on plastic. The item is also fully compostable and recyclable. Red Sun is responding to the consumer demand for an eco-friendly - environmentally conscious packaging option.

Village Farms - Cherry no. 9: Fall in Love Again & Cabernet Estate Reserve

Village Farms was one of my first introductions to innovation in the greenhouse category. This year, the company debuted two new cherry varieties, Cabernet Estate Reserve, a wine colored tomato with a deep red color, and the Cherry no. 9: Fall in Love Again, which is a sweet and juicy tomato, both bred for flavor. The company looks the world over for unique varieties with quality attributes and these are examples of those efforts.

Ocean Mist Farms - Season & Steam


Kalettes™ are truly taking off at retail and foodservice and consumers look to diversify their diets and bring more flavor and innovation to their meals. Ocean Mist Farms’ value-added Season and Steam product line has expanded to include Kalettes™ along with four Brussels sprouts items: SuperShreds SuperFood™, Quick Cook Sprouts, whole Brussels sprouts and Baby Sprouts. This Steamfast pack gives users the opportunity to pre-season the contents, reseal with the zip lock and steam by microwave. The new redesigned packaging for the line offers fresh graphics on each of the Season & Steam packages to make the instructions clearer on the shelf and more user friendly.

Naturipe - "Ready to Eat" Fresh Berry Snacks

Berry growing is this company’s business. That is a given. And when it comes to convenience, Naturipe is always a go-to. This year, the company showcased its “Ready to Eat” fresh berry snacks in single serve and trio portions. These berries, combined with an exceptional wash system and state-of-the-art sealed packaging, ensure a great snack and premium quality fruit that is available year-round. I hope you got the chance to try the Blueberry, Blueberry Mango, and Blueberry Grape options. The fun and vibrant packaging only adds to the appeal.



The organic juice category is growing in leaps and bounds, thanks to companies like Grimmway who are offering a premium juice option driven by flavor and quality. The company is rebranding its organic juices to simply read “TRUE ORGANIC” as it celebrates the first anniversary of the line, placing a greater emphasis on the organic nature of its super-premium juice offerings. Additionally four new flavors have been added to mark the occasion - Kaleifornia, Blissful Beets, Citrus Carrot, and seasonal Apple Cherry Harvest.

Clear Lam - PrimaPak™ Technology


This company’s PrimaPak™ technology is a unique, flexible, stackable, reclosable package produced from a single roll of film on a Vertical FFS machine. PrimaPak™ also features peel and re-seal technology, which eliminates the need for rigid lids/banding and gives consumers an easy-to-open and close lid. This technology can also help processors and retailers achieve measurable cost savings and sustainability improvements throughout the supply chain. Brands have the opportunity to deliver messaging on all six sides of the package… which provides more opportunities to tell the story of the product.

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