Maglio Companies' Readyripe Watermelon Solution is Award Winning and Ready to Roll

Wed. June 24th, 2015
- by Jessica Donnel     

GLENDALE, WI - Meet the award winning new packaging that has the industry talking! Maglio Companies has released its readyripe watermelon packaging this year to much success, having earned an endorsement from the National Watermelon Association and a “Best New Packaging” award at this year’s United Fresh.

Maglio Companies

“We’re very excited to have been honored with the United Fresh Innovation Award for Best New Packaging, as this gives us the opportunity to increase exposure of Maglio Companies products through innovative design,” said Joe Delgadillo, Product Innovation Manager at Maglio Companies. “We hope to continue to drive innovation in the category of fresh produce by providing new ways for consumers to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables with a longer shelf life.” 

Maglio Companies

Maglio’s program includes two gusset bag designs custom sized for ¼ cut and ½ cut sliced watermelon. They feature a large window area to allow consumers easy viewing of the quality of the fruit before purchasing. According to a press release, the patented design, which is exclusively used by Maglio Companies, keeps the fruit fresh for an extended period of timeup to 11 days from the date of production - as compared to conventional plastic overwrap methods. 

Along with the extended shelf-life, this packaging benefits consumers with a carry handle, a compact, resealable storage bag to use at home and the ability to purchase only the desired amount of watermelon. The benefits to retailers include the elimination of wet and unsanitary displays, lower labor rates and lower shrink rates with each piece being 100% saleable upon arrival.

Maglio Companies