Wholly Guacamole’s New Grab N Guac™ Box

Thu. October 9th, 2014 - by Andrew McDaniel

SAGINAW, TX - After Wholly Guacamole released its 100-calorie minis last summer, it has become the company’s number one growing SKU.  To keep up with demand, the company has released its Wholly Guacamole® Grab N Guac™ Box, which is now a PMA Impact Award nominee.

Tracey Altman, VP of Marketing and InnovationTracey Altman, VP of Marketing and Innovation for Wholly Guacamole, tells AndNowUKnow, “The purpose of the box is to provide the consumer with a larger amount of the product they love. Convenience was a major objective for this product. The box had to be sturdy enough to hold the product, allow for the product to be removed without taking the box in and out of the fridge, as well as providing windows for consumers to see what they are buying and see when they are getting low.”

The specially designed box holds more of the 100-calorie, 2oz minis and lets consumers store the product easily in their fridge with a perforating opening that allows the box to become a dispenser.  The box is currently available in 16 and 20 count minis of the Classic and Organic flavors.

The box is large enough to act as a billboard for print needs like product name, ingredient lists and suggestions on what to pair with, yet small enough to be convenient.

Wholly Guacamole