4Earth Farms CEO David Lake Discusses Sustainability Initiatives and Investments

Tue. April 21st, 2015 - by Christofer Oberst

LOS ANGELES, CA - This year’s Earth Day doesn’t mark a momentous occasion of action at 4Earth Farms, but an opportunity to show the company’s bigger goal: To make every day Earth Day.  

I spoke with 4Earth Farms Co-Founder and CEO David Lake to learn more about how the company is looking to achieve this goal. To hear more from David himself, check out our interview above

David Lake, Co-Founder and CEO, 4Earth Farms“Doing the right thing when it comes to the environment is not a business strategy for us, it is a tenet,” David Lake, Co-Founder and CEO of 4Earth Farms, said in a press release. “I think those of us who earn our living from the earth have a responsibility to be good stewards of our planet - a philosophy that is also good for business.”

According to the release, 4Earth has maintained that responsibility by working with vendors and grower partners to be more sustainable and reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

Another focal point in the company’s endeavors towards sustainability is in its 160,000 square foot facility, which 4Earth continually reinvests in to make more efficient and yet environmentally conscious.

The facility’s cooling tower water recycling project, for example, saves over 18,000 gallons of water usage per day, self-built by 4Earth. This technology, as well as having begun converting the landscaping to drought-resistant plants and having invested in waterless bathroom fixtures, are a just a few ways the company is endeavoring to conserve water during California’s longest drought on record.

David took the time to talk with me a little more on what technologies 4Earth Farms is implementing to enforce its commitment to sustainability.

“Probably our most significant technology is our LED conversion, which LED will make a large difference in any large facility,” David tells me.

The project he is referring to is the company’s current conversion of all warehouse lighting to LED fixtures, which will keep 987,768 pounds of Carbon Dioxide, 1,646,279 grams of Sulfer Dioxide, and 3,819,380 grams of Nitrogen Oxides from being released into the air in just one year, according to the release.

The lasting impression David wished to leave was why this is so important to him and to the company. It was the Co-Founder’s firm belief that we could “move the needle” and make a difference, but would take everyone doing their part. And Earth Day is a good reminder to do so.  

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