Albertsons Subsidiary Randalls Shutters Seventh Store

Mon. December 10th, 2018
- by Kayla Webb     

HOUSTON, TX - The Houston market is hopping, with the likes of H-E-B, Kroger, Walmart, and Albertsons subsidiary Randalls clammoring for a piece of the North Texas pie. While the larger chains have managed to grab over a quarter percent of the Houston grocery market share each, Randalls operates less than four percent, leading the grocer to consolidate its operations and store network to keep up with the major chains.

This week, Randalls announced it is closing its seventh store in the Houston area and selling it to El Rancho Supermercado. After shuttering this location (at North Fry and Morton Roads) in Katy, the grocery chain will only have its 525 South Fry location left in that market.

This week, Randalls announced it is closing its seventh store in the Houston area

According to a report by the Houston Chronicle, Randalls’ Director of Public Relations Connie Yates disclosed that the decision to shut down its latest location came after an extensive analysis of the Randalls store portfolio. Yates also said in an email that no additional stores would be closing at this time.

Last year, Albertsons shut down its Randalls distribution center and office as a means to streamline its operations in North Texas.

Albertsons is a major stakeholder in El Rancho Supermercado, which replaced two additional former Randalls stores in the Houston area.

Will Randalls’ latest shuttered store help the grocery retailer swim in an ever-competitive market? AndNowUKnow will continue to report.

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