Amsterdam Food Stylist Debuts Internet-Crazed Trend of Avocado Bun

Wed. August 24th, 2016
- by Laura Hillen     

AMSTERDAM – The internet’s fascinations with avocados has gotten one product deeper, thanks to the culinary stylings of one Instagram user. This time? Consumers are buzzing over avocado buns

According to the Boston Globe, Amsterdam food stylist Colette Dike saw another opportunity in the bright green possibilities of the avocado, specifically in its ability to provide consumers with a healthy, low-carb option for eating. 

Colette Dike, Food Stylist

“All flavors of a burger (and most sandwiches) go really well with avocado,” wrote Colette in an email according to the Boston Globe, “So why not replace the bun with an avocado?”

After posting an iconic image of an avocado-blessed burger on her profile @fooddecco, Colette received a deluge of spirited reactions; both wildly positive as well as humorously negative, she said, although most swing in the favorable spectrum. 


Sweet Potato Falafel Burger & Avocado Bun, with Feta Sauce for lunch - Recipe online, Link in Bio! #avocadobun

A photo posted by F O O D D E C O (@fooddeco) on Aug 17, 2016 at 4:34am PDT


“There are lovers and ‘haters’ but it seems they both are at least curious of what it tastes like — and are trying it,” Colette wrote. 

Colette recommends that avocado lovers across the board can enjoy the burger by consuming it with a fork and knife, like one would similarly tackle a “stacked salad.” The stylist continued on to report that the possibilities are endless, as the avocado burgers can be garnished with an array of topping options and flavor profiles.


The avocado burger seems to have secured its placement already as the trend continues to rise, as Colette devulged that several restaurants have already put the healthy veggie-filled option on their menus

Will avocado buns be the dinner partner to breakfast’s avocado toast? AndNowUKnow will keep your plate filled with avocado-styled news as the versatile trends continue to roll in.