AndNowUKnow Staff Shares Their Favorite Hangover Cures for the New Year

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Fri. December 30th, 2016 - by Eva Roethler

SACRAMENTO, CA - New Year's Eve is as good a reason as any to get a few sheets to the wind, and due to our industry's notoriously-spirited celebrations, it’s not uncommon for produce folks to be a bit worse for the wear after a long night.

New Years Hangover Cures

So, as a company always hoping to help out our industry cohorts on any day of the year, AndNowUKnow put it to the office for the hangover cures people swear by to help you shake the day-after blues.

Personally? My hangover routine is now somewhat of a ritual. It begins before any booze even comes near my mouth—one of the first things I learned in this industry was to start the evening with a B12 vitamin. Then I follow with a fatty meal to help slow down the absorption of alcohol. Four pork tacos, to be exact. After that, I'm ready for some libations.

Over the years, this protocol has further refined. I also kick off the night with prickly pear for its purported anti-inflammatory benefits. Then while I’m out for the evening, I hydrate in between drinks, preferably by slamming coconut water.  The pillar of this routine though? I sleep with a full CamelBak, which is the closest I can get to a non-medical IV, short of marrying a doctor. You don’t even have to lift your head up to drink water in the morning! 

Bloody Maria

Elsewhere in the office, our CEO, Rob, takes a "hair of the dog" approach and is a huge proponent for Pedialyte; and our esteemed Senior Editor, Jordan, enthusiastically advocates pickle juice and Bloody Marias.

Here are the other suggestions heard 'round the AndNowUKnow office, per department:


  • “Sweat it out with the heavy bag or running!”
  • “Before going to sleep chug a bottle of water and take Advil, put an Emergen-C powder on the nightstand for the morning.”
  • “Go for a long bike ride.”
  • “Lord of the Rings marathon with pizza rolls.”


  • “Sunglasses and coffee.”
  • “Get back on the horse.”
  • “Mexican food.”
  • “Long walks on the beach in deep contemplation.”


  • “Don’t wake up.”
  • “A long shower which progresses into a bath nap.”
  • “Ibuprofen, huge bottle of water, and the blood of my enemies.”
  • “Eggrolls and sleep.”
  • “Drunken Noodles!”

Try one, or try them all. Let us know how it goes!