ANUK's Melissa De Leon Names Picks for Viva Fresh 2019

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Thu. May 9th, 2019 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

SAN ANTONIO, TX - This fifth Viva Fresh certainly made itself a milestone in more ways than one. Perhaps it was the Innovations Showcase, or just the fervor of the region, but it seemed there were a lot of new things to learn about—and taste. Here are some of the impressions that stuck with me as I put pen to paper (so to speak).

Magic Sun - Medley Tomatoes

Personally, I’m a sucker for a medley. Multiple options translates to my brain as maximum flavor, and I can’t resist the colors that it brings to the plate. So, I was definitely drawn to Magic Sun’s take on its medley offering, helped by the way the translucent Top Seal showed the variety of options before I even needed to pick it up. I can see consumers in the aisle doing the same.

Fresh Farms - Cotton Candy Grapes

It could be my inside-the-industry viewpoint, but Cotton Candy Grapes once felt like an urban myth—you hear about them, but the window of opportunity is brief, and you’re lucky if you get to try one. Fresh Farms is turning myth into matter, with its expansion of the Cotton Candy Grape season, bolstering not just the availability of this sweet treat, but the green grape options as a whole. Glad I made this stop!

SunFed - Sweet Melon Machine

In keeping up with Viva’s theme for innovations, this assurance that melons reach their maximum sweetness has to make the list! Cantaloupe, among others, is certainly among those produce items consumers seem to have tangible memories attached to in terms of flavor, and to know that there’s a machine to help ensure more of those memories are made, including remembering to come back for more, was a big impression on my show experience.

Giumarra Companies - Lemonade™ Apple

Who doesn’t think of kids trying their first hands at earning a wage when hearing “lemonade?” From the nostalgia of a childhood farmstand to the pop-culture iconic collection by Queen Beyoncé herself, it’s a powerful word and choosing it for Giumarra’s latest apple variety offering was, in my opinion, branding genius. Clearly, I’m still thinking about it.

With just one more show in San Antonio before Viva Fresh migrates again, 2020 is sure to bear much more fruit (and vegetables). Until then!