Avocados From Mexico® Announces Official Brand PANTONE® Color With Limited-Edition Avocado Glow Collection; Alvaro Luque and Ivonne Kinser Detail

Fri. January 20th, 2023 - by Chandler James

DALLAS, TX - Color me enthusiastic! I recently heard the news that Avocados From Mexico® (AFM) has announced its official brand color as represented by PANTONE®. In addition, AFM released its Avocado Glow Collection of home and kitchen accessories created in partnership with the PANTONE Color Institute just in time for the Big Game.

Alvaro Luque, President and Chief Executive Officer, Avocados From Mexico"Avocados From Mexico makes everything better and what's better than a color with unmistakable energy you can feel and taste," said President and Chief Executive Officer, Alvaro Luque. "The Big Game remains the number one occasion where avocados and guacamole are served and prepared, and this collection will spark goodness for those looking to enjoy their Big Game spreads in style!"

This multisensory marketing strategy includes the new PANTONE color and the brand's Sonic DNA®, allowing consumers to connect with AFM in new ways. AFM is partnering with amp sound branding to create its Sonic DNA, an audible expression of the brand that incorporates core elements of its well-known jingle.

Avocados From Mexico® (AFM) has released its official brand color as represented by PANTONE®

According to a press release, the Sonic DNA assets will come to life in the brand's digital Big Game platform. Immersive digital brand experiences like recreating the signature AFM sound and exploring delicious recipe inspiration for the Big Game will be available to consumers.

Ivonne Kinser, Vice President of Marketing and Innovation, Avocados From Mexico®"Brands are like people; they have multiple dimensions. Multisensory marketing gives us the opportunity to engage with avocado fans by sharing the essence of our brand in new, unexpected layers," said Vice President of Marketing and Innovation, Ivonne Kinser. "Through leveraging multiple visual, auditory, and digital tools, we are able to provide consumers with unique opportunities to connect more deeply with the AFM brand."

The Avocado Glow Collection includes seven entertaining and décor essentials inspired by the Avocados From Mexico PANTONE color including a throw pillow, wallpaper, apron, oven mitts, coasters, a serving tray, and, of course, a guacamole bowl. Fans can now visit the website for a chance to win an Avocado Glow Collection.

The full press release can be found here.

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