Bard Valley Natural Delights® Launches New Premium Product With Dark Chocolate Covered Medjool Dates With Sea Salt

Wed. June 17th, 2020 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

YUMA, AZ - Outside of fresh produce (aka nature’s candy), one of my favorite sweet tooth satisfiers is dark chocolate. Bard Valley Natural Delights® must have had consumers like myself in mind when it launched its latest product, recently rolling out a premium new offering of Dark Chocolate Covered Medjool Dates with Sea Salt. The product launch coincides with the start of the date season, which begins in August. Both 8 and 16-count package sizes will begin shipping in September to be readily available for the holiday season as a limited edition item with ample supply for consumer demand.

David Baxter, Brand Manager, Bard Valley Natural Delights®“We are excited about our delicious new product launch,” explains David Baxter, Brand Manager. “Research indicates that more than 90 percent of Americans plan to share or gift chocolates during the winter holiday season. Our upscale packaging features a die-cut window to showcase the product and it also serves as a gift box for gift giving.”

Bard Valley’s premium Medjool dates are world renowned for their luscious, soft texture and sweet flavor, which demand a very specific set of growing conditions of high heat and low humidity. According to a press release, Medjool dates are bigger and softer than an average date and are sustainably grown. The cocoa used in the new product is sourced from suppliers that implement practices to improve the livelihoods of cocoa farmers and their communities.

Bard Valley Natural Delights® recently rolled out a new product with its Dark Chocolate Covered Medjool Dates with Sea Salt offering

“Our hand-pitted, Medjool dates, known for their caramel-honey flavor, covered in dark chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt combine for a taste experience that will drive consumers to your stores. Shoppers are likely to purchase the product for themselves and also give as a gift for friends and family,” suggests Baxter.

Bard Valley Natural Delights will ship the premium Dark Chocolate Covered Medjool Dates with Sea Salt in two sizes to meet retail demand. The 8-count (8 oz) packaging is available for traditional retailers in a case pack of 12 units. A 16-count (16 oz) package is available as a club size carrying 15 units in a display case.

Looking to capture those impulse buys in the produce aisle? Look no further than Bard Valley Natural Delights' new premium product.

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