Bengaluru Police Intercept 110 Kilograms of Marijuana Hidden in a Vegetable Supply Truck

Mon. November 16th, 2020
- by Jenna Plasterer     

BENGALURU, KA, INDIA - An undercover operation has halted the move of hundreds of pounds of marijuana hidden among what should have been a healthy transport of vegetables. Bengaluru authorities posed as traders in the illicit market, convincing an alleged dealer that they were shopping for nearly 17 kg (just under 40 pounds) of the drug. Upon making the arrest, 110 kg (about 242 pounds) of marijuana was recovered.

The police reported that the accused would move marijuana hidden in his vegetable supply truck from Chikkaballapur to Bengaluru (about a 30 mile stretch). Authorities accused the alleged dealer of maintaining a route through multiple cities to procure his supply, storing what he collected in his home in Chikkaballapur.

Bengaluru authorities uncovered 110 kg (about 242 pounds) of marijuana hidden within a transport of vegetables

"We were stunned to see the way he had managed to store it in his house. It can only be done by a lot of experience as a professional smuggler," the police said, according to news source asianet newsable.

According to the Rajgopal Nagar police, the accused has been identified as a resident of Chikkaballapur district. The street value of the bust was not included in the report.

While it is never great to hear that produce has been tied to nefarious activities, we are always glad to report when one more of these is pulled off the street in any market our industry serves. Here’s to the success of fruits and vegetables arriving safely at their destinations!