Bobalu Berries Launches New Video Content in Time for Spring; Anthony Gallino Divulges

Mon. March 14th, 2022 - by Peggy Packer

OXNARD, CA - Next week marks the beginning of spring, and for many consumers, spring doesn’t exist without strawberries. Giving shoppers an inside look at how the precious berries are harvested, Bobalu Berries is rolling out new video content focusing on stem berries.

Anthony Gallino, Vice President of Sales, Bobalu Berries“In all the years selling strawberries, and specifically stems for key holidays, we have never shared video content showing what goes into getting them harvested,” notes Anthony Gallino, Vice President of Sales.

Bobalu Berries has seen strong demand for these berries yearly from early February through May, and meeting that demand can often be a challenge due to the huge factor that weather plays in providing its high-quality strawberries. This demand also grows increasingly throughout the spring season.

This year, Bobalu is providing a sneak peek into how stems are harvested with its video storytelling, according to a press release. Working with the same video team for the last few years to tell the story of its company, Bobalu published an inside look at the family celebrating its 60-year journey to 2022.

Giving shoppers an inside look at how its strawberries are harvested, Bobalu Berries is rolling out new video content

“Telling this family farming story using video is the best way to really show who Bobalu Berries is and the passion Bobby and RC Jones have for their family name and legacy. I am proud to be part of their story today as we take the company to the next level,” Gallino adds.

The new video content can be found on the company’s YouTube page, as well as various pages of its website and social media.

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