Braga Fresh Adds Iceberg and Green Onions to Josie’s Organics Line

Tue. January 13th, 2015
- by Jordan Okumura     

SOLEDAD, CA – Braga Fresh Family Farms is now offering organic iceberg and green onions as part of its Josie’s Organics line.

Roger Zardo, Director of Sales, Braga Fresh

“We stay tuned-in to what our customers need. And because we’re a vertically integrated farming company that controls a lot of organic land, Braga Fresh is able to respond quickly, making new organic products available when the market isn’t meeting demand,” said Roger Zardo, Braga Fresh Director of Sales.

According to a press release, Josie’s Organics iceberg is available wrapped or naked, and the green onions are available in cello bags, iced and iceless. The iceberg wrap and the cello bags both feature the popular Josie’s Organics packaging design with its signature blue polka dots and friendly logo.

These two new products are just the latest to join the product line. As we previously reported, Braga Fresh added cauliflower to its Josie’s Organics line last month.

Aside from these new additions, the Josie’s Organics line also includes broccoli, celery, chard, kale and more with new products currently in trial.

Braga Fresh Family Farms