Chilean Fresh Fruit Association and Quebec Produce Marketing Association Team up to Deliver New Food Guide

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Fri. February 17th, 2017 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

MONTREAL, QUEBEC - The Chilean Fresh Fruit Association (CFFA) has partnered up with the Quebec Produce Marketing Association (QPMA) to release a new food guide featuring fresh flavors from the farms and orchards of Chile.

Susanne Bertolas, Eastern Canada Merchandiser, Chilean Fresh Fruit“It’s summer in Chile and there is nothing like the taste of fresh fruit,” said Susanne Bertolas, Eastern Canada Merchandiser at Chilean Fresh Fruit Association, commenting that she’s thrilled to see the new guide published. "We believe eating in season is essential to a balanced healthy diet all year long. We are thrilled with this partnership to provide the Quebec market place with tools in this catalogue to inspire and educate retailers, schools, dieticians, and health service representatives.”

Entitled Coup de coeur pour les fruits du Chili, the collection features:

  • Blueberries
  • Grapes
  • Plums
  • Peaches
  • Nectarines

The QPMA noted that, because it’s summer in Chile when it’s winter in Quebec, many products from Chile stock its grocery stores during the coldest months of the region’s year.

Julie DesGroseilliers, Nutritionist and Spokesperson for the "I Love" Campaign“It’s a real blessing for us,” Julie DesGroseilliers, nutritionist and spokesperson for the “I Love” campaign, said. Julie introduces this exciting range of products from Chile, the QPMA’s leading imported source of fruit from the Southern Hemisphere, according to a press release. “Let’s make the most of it and put lots of variety, colour, and great eating on our daily menus.”

Coup de coeur pour les fruits du Chili Guide Cover

The Coup de coeur food guide for Chile makes it easy for consumer to learn and maximize both the flavors and benefits of these fruits, including recipes, as well as tips on how to preserve and store them.

To download the guide and any of QPMA’s other tools free from the “I love 5 to 10 servings a day” campaign website, click here.

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