CMI Orchards, Fine Americas, and Orchard-Rite Match Donations to the Washington Apple Education Foundation; Laurie Knebusch and Doris Carbajal Comment

Wed. November 3rd, 2021 - by Jenna Plasterer

WENATCHEE, WA - Growing up, I was always taught that you can’t ever be too educated and continuing to grow and hone your knowledge is essential. CMI Orchards is helping to further this idea, announcing that it will be one of three tree fruit companies matching scholarship donations to the Washington Apple Education Foundation (WAEF). All contributions made through the organization throughout the month of November will be matched thanks to CMI along with Fine Americas and Orchard-Rite.

Laurie Knebusch, Chairman and Student Mentor, Washington Apple Education Foundation“Connecting with students in small groups through WAEF’s mentor programs allows us to individually assist students [to] reach their goals,” said WAEF Chairman and Student Mentor Laurie Knebusch regarding the foundation’s impactful program. “As a fellow first-generation college student, I appreciate the confidence boost provided when someone wants to engage you in conversation about your career dreams and is also willing to provide advice and connections.”

Every year, WAEF awards over $1 million in scholarships to students, according to a press release. This year, the foundation has helped 350 students that are currently studying on college campuses. Almost 75 percent of those to receive WAEF scholarships this year are first-generation students.

CMI Orchards, Fine Americas, and Orchard-Rite have announced they will be matching scholarship donations made throughout the month of November to the Washington Apple Education Foundation (WAEF)

“WAEF has given me the support and encouragement that really motivates me to do better in my studies no matter how difficult it gets,” Doris Carbajal, a current WAEF scholarship recipient, shared. “I truly appreciate the positive impact they have on my life because not only are they helping me but my family as well.”

While WAEF scholarships are making a difference in the lives of students, so too are the other tools that the foundation is offering. Year-round support is provided for students through professional development workshops, career preparation tours, mentoring, care packages, and more.

Every year, Washington Apple Education Foundation awards over $1 million in scholarships to students, already helping 350 students currently studying on college campuses this year alone

Students receiving these scholarships are pursuing a wide variety of career paths, including horticulture, business, medicine, architecture, and engineering, to name a few. WAEF scholarships may be used at accredited public and private universities, community colleges, and vocational and technical institutions.

Starting November 1, the first $18,000 received in donations will be matched to continue supporting these students.

To make a contribution, click here.

Cheers to WAEF and all the companies matching donations to help drive forward this impactful program.

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