Custom Produce Shares Insights into this Fall's Grape Operations

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Mon. September 8th, 2014 - by Christofer Oberst

PARLIER, CA - Custom Produce is in the middle of its grape packing operations and things are currently moving along well for this experienced grower.

We've finished packing our Flame Seedless and Thomson grape varieties already,” Owner Ted Torosian shared with ANUK. “We're beginning operations on several of our other varieties as well which should carry us through the fall into early winter. Barring any weather issues, we'll be packing a lot of volume over the coming week.

Next on Custom Produce's agenda is packing its Crimson Seedless and Autumn Royal varieties. After that, it will be moving operations into Red Globes and Autumn Kings. By late December to early January it will have transitioned to its Chilean fields to continue the harvesting and packing process.

Volume in general is excellent at Custom Produce this year, even with berry size slightly smaller than last season. The reason for this reduction in size is still unknown, although Ted does speculate that high heat in the valley along with a lack of rain could have played a factor.

Despite the slight decrease in berry size, Marvin Farris, Custom Produce Owner and President, says that quality this year is excellent. Under both Ted and Marvin's leadership, the grower has a crop on its hands with very good sugar content during a season characterized by phenomenal movement on grapes.

“Especially with the back to school season already upon us, demand is excellent right now,” Marvin said. “At both the retail level and in the foodservice industry, there is a very healthy appetite for our grapes.”

Custom Produce has all of its varieties available to retailers in standard pouch bags and clamshells.

Congratulations on another excellent season, Custom Produce!

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