D'Arrigo Bros NEW Offerings, Pier-C Carrot Production

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Thu. June 6th, 2013 - by Whit Grebitus

D’Arrigo Bros is currently promoting its Premium Cut Iceless Rabe 2 lb and 12 oz bags. This value-added option is intended to capitalize on the growing iceless trend. The company is focusing on educating all consumers about how to cook the nutritious product and what to cook it with, particularly in regions that are not yet large consumers of broccoli rabe. Also in the works, Andy Boy Artichokes are set to be released in the next few months. Gabriela D’Arrigo, Sales/Marketing, tells AndNowUKnow, “We’re really excited to add this new piece of produce to the D’Arrigo Puzzle.”<hr class="legacyRuler"><hr class="invisible minimal-padding"><hr class="invisible minimal-padding">Pier–C’s Mexican carrots are in strong production, and will continue through the end of July when they shift into Canadian Carrots, Onions, and Green Bell Peppers. The company is experiencing strong growth throughout North America and abroad, and is continuing to expand out of both Canada and Mexico. Supplies are increasing and demand is growing exponentially. Due to the company’s location in Southwestern Ontario, Pier-C's Canadian production is typically ready for harvest 2 to 3 weeks before other area producers. Joe Khalil, Sales Manager, tells AndNowUKnow, "Superior quality at competitive pricing year round has allowed us to strive, despite fluctuating markets and increasing global competition."<hr class="legacyRuler"><hr class="invisible minimal-padding"><hr class="invisible minimal-padding">