Dave's Specialty Imports Partners with Rubbermaid® for New Promotion

Mon. June 27th, 2016 - by Jordan Okumura-Wright

CORAL SPRINGS, FL – Just in time for the summer berry season, Dave’s Specialty Imports has announced a new partnership with Rubbermaid® for a special coupon promotion for Rubbermaid®’s latest product, the FreshWorksTM Produce Saver

Leslie Simmons, Vice President, Dave's Specialty Imports“We really like this product, not only does it help extend the shelf life of our berries but it is BPA free; microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe,” stated Leslie Simmons, Vice President of Dave’s. 

Rubbermaid’s latest product keeps fruits and vegetables fresh up to 33 percent longer from innovative features, according to a recent press release. The item’s FreshVent allows the enclosed produce to breathe, while the packagings CrispTray keeps produce separate from moisture.

“We also appreciate that this product supports our goals of encouraging a higher consumption of produce. We hope the produce saver will help consumers waste less and enjoy our fresh produce longer,” continued Simmons. 

The partnership was brought forth by the Yerecic label company, and enables Rubbermaid to offer a $1.50 coupon on each of Dave’s clamshell containers. Consumers will be able to immediately redeem the offering at the store. 

Art Yerecic, President, Yerecic Label

“Our AdImpact! program connects brands through promotions that truly benefit shoppers,” said Yerecic Label President, Art Yerecic. “The partnership between Rubbermaid® and Dave’s Specialty Imports is a match made in heaven as it helps consumers overcome a huge berry barrier—shelf life.” 

The new Dave’s labels are expected to be present within major retailers over the next several weeks, with the produce-saving product being carried nationwide by retailers.

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