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Thu. March 15th, 2012

Salad lovers, unite! DOLE® has some helpful ideas for this upcoming season, starting with their delicious festive recipe innovations. From the company's Perfect Harvest Salad with Chicken and Goat Cheese made from the Perfect Harvest Salad Blend, to the inventive Southwest Roasted Turkey with Citrus, using DOLE Salad products will ensure that consumers have fun and family-filled holidays. The Perfect Harvest Chicken and Pear Wraps made with DOLE's All Natural Perfect Harvest™ Kit are sure to inspire seconds. Along with its promise of delicious and festive meals, DOLE is also adding a little star flavor to the holidays with the "Dancing With Cheryl" Sweepstakes. The contest gives three grand prize winners a dance lesson with the star. What a better way to keep warm as the season cools off then with the opportunity to cut the rug with Cheryl Burke...then relax with a little DOLE's Easy Potato and Tomato Soup recipe.<hr class="legacyRuler"><hr class="invisible minimal-padding"><hr class="invisible minimal-padding"><hr class="legacyRuler"><hr class="invisible minimal-padding"><hr class="invisible minimal-padding">