Duda Farm Fresh Foods Enters its 16th Summer of Bringing Citrus to the U.S.

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Wed. June 13th, 2018 - by Anne Allen

OVIEDO, FL -  Can you imagine the days when we couldn’t simply get citrus whenever we wanted? It seems like a nightmare. Although those days are far behind us, Duda Farm Fresh Foods is here to ensure we won’t have to experience a citrus-less life. The company announced that it has entered into its 16th summer of bringing imported citrus into the United States. Duda is also testing new easy peeler varieties to add to its line of Dandy® branded citrus products.

Dan Duda, President, Duda Farm Fresh Foods“Our imported citrus program is something which we have worked hard to maintain over the years,” said Dan Duda, President, in a company press release. “Providing consistent, high-quality citrus offerings to our customers is one of our main priorities. We are proud to have a dedicated team of employees who have strong grower partnerships which deliver first class citrus solutions.”

After the U.S. markets are out of the citrus growing season, imported citrus enters the U.S. starting in early May. According to Duda, the southern hemisphere experienced optimal pre-season weather, meaning the fruit is expected to have good sugar levels, great eating quality, and an increase in volume.

Dandy® clementines from Chile

To ensure consumers receive excellent tasting fruit, Duda maintains its long-lasting relationships in the southern hemisphere to provide richer flavors and consistent quality. For the past 16 seasons, the company has primarily sourced fruit from Chile, Uruguay, and Peru and looks to continue bringing high-quality products to the United States from these growing regions.

Alberto Cuellar, Vice President of Global Business, Duda Farm Fresh Foods“As consumer demand increases, we will continue to fill that demand with high-quality products that we know our established imported program can deliver,” said Alberto Cuellar, Vice President of Global Business. “We look forward to the opportunity to take care of our customer needs with favorable weather conditions, quality citrus, and increased volumes moving forward.”

The Cara Caras join the citrus line-up of easy peelers—which already includes clementines and mandarins. Navels and lemons sold under the Dandy® label are available now through late October.

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