Duda Farm Fresh Foods' Nichole Towell Discusses Offerings Ahead of PMA Foodservice Expo

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Wed. July 21st, 2021 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

SALINAS, CA - Ready or not, here it comes! I can hardly believe PMA Foodservice takes place this week in Monterey, California. But, with Thursday nearly upon us, Nichole Towell, Senior Director of Marketing and Packaging Procurement for Duda Farm Fresh Foods, is as ready-to-go as the products she and her team will be showcasing.

Nichole Towell, Senior Director of Marketing and Packaging Procurement, Duda Farm Fresh Foods“Our fresh-cut celery and radishes, along with pre-shucked fresh corn, can help make your kitchen more efficient by reducing labor, food waste, and storage cost. As the world gets back to normal, more people are going out to restaurants expecting the same service they had before the pandemic,” Nichole points out. “With staffing shortages and higher foot traffic, restaurants rely on these fresh produce innovations to ensure quality service for their customers.“

Dandy® celery fresh-cut celery sticks are pre-washed and ready-to-use for that convenience. This category is one Duda has truly rooted into with offerings across the board for any celery-related idea. With customizable cuts and programs available from whole stalks to stocks and diced pack size ranges from 5 lb, 10 lb, and 20 lb for sticks and buffalo cuts, with 50 ct, 75 ct, and 150 ct for school packs.

Duda Farm Fresh Foods is showcasing its Dandy® customizable cuts and programs at Produce Marketing Association’s Foodservice Expo

“Dandy is sweeter and crispier than other celery brands, making it the ideal choice for juicing, flavor, and an extra crunch that consumers have come to expect in their dishes. We’ve invested in research and development of our celery to ensure a crunchier, less stringy product than any other in the market,” Nichole shares. To explore a veritable menu of celery options, click here.

Dandy radishes, not to be outshined, come in pack sizes 1 x 5 lb, 2 x 5 lb, 4 x 5 lb, and 1 x 25 lb cut and trimmed; 2 x 5 lb or 4 x 5lb for coins; and 4 x 5 lb, 4 x 1 lb, and 5 x 1lb for Ministicks®.

Duda Farm Fresh Foods' ready-to-use Dandy® Cut and Trim Radishes, Radish Coins, and Radish Ministicks are an exciting addition to its fresh-cut category and cuts time and prep work for foodservice operators

“Our ready-to-use Dandy Cut and Trim Radishes, Radish Coins, and Radish Ministicks are an exciting addition to the fresh-cut category. Our radishes provide the perfect combination of color, crunch, and convenience for all of your dishes year-round,” Nichole shares before quickly following up with yet another strong addition to any foodservice offering. “For our Super Sweet Corn, we take the labor out of prepping fresh corn! With our 40-count shucked, cleaned, trimmed, and ready-to-consume corn, operators can reduce waste, labor, and storage costs with this convenient storage pack.”

That 40-count comes in yellow, white, or bi-colored corn options, accounting for just about any taste or dish.

In short, Nichole explains, partnering with Duda Farm Fresh Foods helps to capture the most elusive treasure in foodservice: consistency.

Duda Farm Fresh Foods' 40-count Super Sweet Corn takes the labor and waste out of prepping fresh corn as the product is already cleaned, trimmed, and ready-to-consume

“We finalized the expansion of our fresh-cut facility in Oxnard, California, last year to help maximize production to meet the needs of our customers and further ensure that, by partnering with Duda Farm Fresh Foods, you’ll receive high quality fresh-cut food with consistent flavor year-round,” Nichole concludes. “Leave the cutting and prep work to us and let your kitchen staff do the creative work of menu innovation!”

So, as you are getting your show legs back on the foodservice side this week, don’t forget to swing by booth #900.

Duda Farm Fresh Foods