Ella Peterson and Jesus Rodriguez Calvo Explore Fresh Del Monte Produce Division Mann Packing Co.’s Growth

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Wed. August 16th, 2023 - by Lilian Diep

SALINAS, CA - The air fryer is continuing to live strong in consumers’ kitchens thanks to new products like Mann Packing Co.’s Air Fryer Veggie Kits™. Easy to prep, easy to cook, and easy to eat, what more could your shoppers ask for? With Fresh Del Monte Produce’s vegetable brand’s newest release, they’ll be asking for just that.

Ella Peterson, Senior Manager – Brand Marketing, Fresh Del Monte Produce“Consumer interest in the Air Fryer Kit concept continues to be high. Our veggie meal kits cut down prep time, allowing shoppers to allocate resources elsewhere while bringing nutritious products to the table. By bridging convenience and nutrition, it’s a win-win for us,” shares Ella Peterson, Senior Manager – Brand Marketing. “This is a brand-new way to purchase, prep, and consume fresh vegetables and as such, shopper education on the floor would go a long way. Changing consumer behavior is always a tough hill to climb, but we’ve learned a lot through our launch and are working on ways to optimize the product offering to best meet consumers’ needs.”

Shoppers tend to prioritize convenient, family-friendly options that are high-quality, high-value, and taste great, as Ella explains. The Air Fryer Kits make meal preparation a breeze, and the prospect of Mann Packing Co. extending this convenient line already has consumers like me hyped—along with a new offering tease.

Mann Packing Co.’s Air Fryer Veggie Kits™ offer shoppers a brand-new way to purchase, prep, and consume fresh vegetables

“All of our upcoming innovations, like our Air Fryer Kits, are created with those priorities in mind. Economic pressures and other stressors continue to be important—when we can bring fresh, flavorful, convenient vegetable options to market, that’s where we can win,” continues Ella. “According to the CDC, nine out of 10 Americans don’t get enough vegetables in their diets. Our vision as a company is to encourage healthy lifestyles by providing fresh, wholesome, and safe food to consumers. We’ve had some success and some challenges, but we continue to believe in the portfolio and the opportunity for convenient and attractive vegetable side options to satisfy even the pickiest eater.”

Understanding the fluctuating shopper trends is a tricky matter, but having a strong team well-versed in the market is always a boon as is its full line of offerings, including commodity vegetables, value-added products such as the Air Fryer Kit, and access to its full logistics and distribution network. Mann Packing is an all-in-one—a grower, shipper, and processor.

These Air Fryer Veggie Kits™ capitalize on consumer demand for convenient, family-friendly options that are high-quality, high-value, and taste great

According to Jesus Rodriguez Calvo, Senior Vice President of Sales, the company recently bolstered its leadership team with Pat McErlean as the Senior Director of Sales and Paul Grothe as Director of Foodservice for Mann Packing, both reporting to Chip Obracay, Vice President, National Sales. Melissa Mackay also joined the Fresh Del Monte team as the new Vice President, Marketing of North America, bringing a wealth of experience in both CPG and produce marketing.

Building on the team’s prowess, Fresh Del Monte’s accelerated R&D is a core strength behind Mann’s® brand. This keeps the company front and center for shoppers across all things produce.

Jesus Rodriguez Calvo, Senior Vice President of Sales, Fresh Del Monte Produce“Both Mann Packing and the Mann’s brand are known for quality, innovation, and customer service, which serve as the pillars of our business for success,” explains Jesus. “Factors such as rebranding, new packaging designs, and product reformulations have allowed Mann Packing’s product to further reach shoppers nationally.”

For 2023 and in the future, Mann Packing Co. will continue to lean on its expertise, innovation, prowess, and understanding of consumer needs. Bringing forth healthy lifestyles and wholesome products falls well within the company’s wheelhouse, and these kits—along with upcoming offerings—will continue to bolster both the company’s and retail partners’ bottom lines.

Innovations are a knockin’, so keep reading AndNowUKnow for the latest items hitting the shelves.

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