Find the ANUK Apple Logo on the Cover of the June 2023 Snack Magazine for a Chance to Win $100

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Mon. June 26th, 2023 - by Anne Allen

SACRAMENTO, CA - What could $100 get you right now? Now is the time to start thinking about it, because we are giving you another chance to capture the big Benjamin with the arrival of our June Snack logo contest.

With the month of June coming to an end, we are partaking in a bit of industry fun and inviting produce aficionados to search for the hidden apple logo disguised on the cover of our June issue. If you’re among the first to find it, you may soon be spending that $100 prize.

Can you find the AndNowUKnow apple logo hidden within the cover of The Snack Magazine’s June issue?

Need a quick refresher on the contest rules? Look no further:

  • Your FOUND the Apple Logo photo must include your face
  • Your finger must be pointing to the AndNowUKnow apple logo
  • Send your pic to [email protected] with the subject line “FOUND the Apple Logo” to be considered for the $100 cash prize
  • You MUST write “FOUND the Apple Logo” in the subject line of your email

Remember, the contest only begins once we have officially made this announcement through our ANUK newsletter, and you have until the end of the week to send in your selfies—after which your name will be added to the pot.

The AndNowUKnow logo you are looking for!

If you’re the lucky winner, you might join this list of previous champions:

  • Marissa Marchini of J. Marchini Farms
  • Betty Tomao of The Save Mart Companies
  • Paul Huckaby of Keenan Farms
  • Danny Ortiz of Sysco
  • Dani Loustalot of Jacobs Farm del Cabo
  • Danelle Huber of CMI Orchards
  • Beth Keeton of Elephant House PR
  • Manny Bracamonte of Green Life Farms
  • Mike Specht of Nature Fresh Farms

What are you waiting for?! Snap that selfie and take a chance at $100.

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