FreshPoint Charlotte's Joshua Allen Talks Supporting Farmers and New Events

Wed. April 5th, 2017 - by Laura Hillen

CHARLOTTE, NC - To better boost its buy-side support, FreshPoint has a specific strategy at the forefront of its distribution operations; supporting its local community. In this vein, the company recently hosted farms in the area of its FreshPoint Charlotte office to better uplift its grower partners.

Getting high-quality products to its customers is no simple feat, but as Buyer Joshua Allen recently told me, this emphasis on local provides the company with innumerable opportunities and consistency in delivery.

Joshua Allen, Buyer, FreshPoint Charlotte

“We hosted all 15 local farms to teach them about food safety, GAP compliance, insurance, and how to get into wholesale,” Joshua tells me, noting that attendees also received an inside look at delivery and packaging with a warehouse tour. “It was set up to let local farmers know that we support and want to sell local produce rather than purchase too far from outside our region.”

This event was the first local farmer meeting of its kind, but FreshPoint Charlotte has plans to host another in the fall after the peak of its season passes. Events and outlets like these provide the company’s growers with better tools to reduce waste and increase the already high quality of their produce items.

Local Charlotte, NC, farmers on a warehouse tour with FreshPoint Charlotte.

“To be a part of a company that helps to eliminate waste in our community and give local farms a new opportunity to increase their profits is a great feeling,” Josh continues. “Local farms are on the rise and now being noticed by consumers.”

Efforts like these help keep FreshPoint’s primary goals top-of-mind; to market and deliver great products to its customers with exceptional service for both the supply-side and buy-side. The company has also noted an uptick in demand for local from its customers as more companies look to join the Farm to Fork movement.

Members of 15 different farms in the Charlotte, NC, area learning about compliance, insurance, and wholesale endeavors with FreshPoint.

“The more food we can get to the tables in a timely manner, the better,” Josh says.

In more efforts to keep its supply chain fresh, FreshPoint Charlotte will be hosting its first ever food show on June 6, 2017. Showcasing new and existing products, the event will emphasize the company’s capabilities, in addition to showcasing its vendors, farmers, and FreshPoint Charlotte team.

With more innovations in the works to supply its customers with fresh and safe produce, while reducing waste, stick to AndNowUKnow for all the latest in FreshPoint news.