FreshSource's Scot Olson Talks Relationship Building and Organic Prowess Before Organic Produce Summit

Mon. July 10th, 2023 - by Anne Allen

SANTA ANA, CA - One of the many reasons that industry members flock to Organic Produce Summit (OPS) is because of the supreme source of networking. At the epicenter of this lies FreshSource, whose network across the buy- and supply-sides forges great partnerships throughout the year.

Scot Olson, President of the North-Northwest Division, spoke with me on the value of events like OPS.

Scot Olson, President - North/Northwest Division, FreshSource“Our mission statement aligns very well with what we help provide at OPS, which is our drive to help our clients make distinctive, lasting, and substantial bonds with the retailers,” Scot told me. “FreshSource creates events surrounding the show which provide an intimate setting to connect with decision makers. We want to build client relationships that can strengthen retail and consumer confidence.”

Alongside her team, Natalie Machado, National Director of Marketing coordinates dinners, VIP receptions, and golf excursions to provide a high level of engagement for all the people that FreshSource represents and serves.

FreshSource looks forward to attending events like OPS so it can help its clients make distinctive, lasting, and substantial bonds with retailers

Going above and beyond is what makes FreshSource a sought-after industry partner, especially as the company continues to help its clientele elevate organic sales.

“The retail landscape continues to change and it is essential for us to stay in tune with organics for those that we represent. With the challenging state of the economy, people continue to have a need for healthy organic produce. Consequently, our focus turns to increased promotions, reduced ounces in packaging to maintain retail price points, and guiding clients towards innovations in packaging to reduce plastics. Exploring creative ways to partner with retailers in order to stay focused on an organic offering has been a critical part of what we support,” Scot noted.

FreshSource also works hard to be fast and flexible for its partners, staying in tune with consumer needs in the produce industry.

As the retail landscape continues to evolve, FreshSource continues to help its clientele elevate organic sales

“We want growth to come from innovation. Continuing to provide innovative flavor profiles is a key driver to keep consumer interest alive, such as Taylor Farms Organic Avocado Ranch and Organic Lemon Parmesan Chopped Salad Kits. Another thing that Taylor Farms has done has made packaging changes; the company focused on its new Peel & Reseal lids on organic salads, reducing plastic by 30 percent,” Scot explained. “This connects with the organic consumer drive for sustainability and helps fuel growth through customer confidence and loyalty.”

There is much to look forward to at Organic Produce Summit! Be sure to keep an eye out for the FreshSource team on the show floor.