Frontera's Tonya Hill, Stemilt's Roger Pepperl, and 4Earth Farms' David Lake Check Out Virtual Reality

Tue. November 3rd, 2015 - by Robert Lambert

UNITED STATES - Over the past couple of months, I have traveled from Leamington, Ontario, to South Texas, Delano and Bakersfield, showing some of the top suppliers in our industry the benefits of using virtual reality as a cost-effective presentation platform. I am proud to say that this technology is already starting to catch on. Just ask Frontera.

I cannot emphasize enough that this tool is not just for entertainment. After recognizing the potential virtual reality holds for the produce industry, Frontera has already begun experimenting with ways they can bring their business directly to their customers by using this immersive three-dimensional experience. Kudos to Frontera for investing in virtual reality and their ability to realize the value it holds. 

Tonya Hill, Director of Sales, Frontera“Bringing our experiences to the buyer is what has made us so supportive of adopting this technology,” Tonya Hill, Frontera’s Director of Sales, tells me. “Face-to-face time with our customers is a very integral part of our business philosophy. We will wholeheartedly get behind any opportunity that allows us to bring the entire Frontera experience – from field to store shelf – to our customers. It allows us to bring our gorgeous South Texas fields anywhere and gives buyers the opportunities to learn what we do to deliver the best product.” 

A panoramic view of Frontera's fields

Anyone in the industry can use virtual reality to show interested parties an incredible 360 degree panoramic view of their latest investments, whether it’s new acreage, a packing line, or a grape varietal, just to name a few. What better way is there to introduce retail partners to your program without having to fly them out to your field? With virtual reality, you can bring someone right in the middle of your vineyards or your greenhouse without having them leave the comfort of their chair.   

A panoramic view of Country Sweet Produce's fields

Check out our previous story by clicking here to see who else in the industry is also trying out virtual reality. Names like Tommy Wilkins, Charlie Eagle, Ken Paglione, and David Lake are just a few of many industry members that have already tested this technology for themselves. 

David Lake, President and CEO at 4Earth Farms, tests virtual reality

The experience you will receive from virtual reality versus ordinary photos is incomparable. All you need is a smartphone and VR goggles, like the Samsung Gear VR. Assuming you have a compatible smartphone available, you can have a great presentation tool for $200.00. If you don't have a Galaxy Note 4 smartphone, you can easily find one on Craigslist to purchase. 

Buy Samsung Gear VR (for Galaxy Note 4 Smartphones)

Though taking three-dimensional panoramic photographs to create your own personal virtual reality experience can be a little arduous, there is technology coming soon that will make it easier for anyone to take a camera and set it up to take 360 degree photos. 

Roger Pepperl, Stemilt's Marketing Director, trying out virtual reality at PMA Fresh Summit 2015 in Atlanta, GA

Don’t pass up this cost-effective opportunity to bring your business directly to the buyers. It’s simple and effective. What more could you ask for?