Giumarra's New Director of Marketing For Its Avocado and Asparagus Sales Staff

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Tue. November 13th, 2012

<p><strong>Los Angeles, CA~</strong><hr class="legacyRuler"><hr class="legacyRuler"><hr class="invisible minimal-padding">By ANUK Staff<hr class="legacyRuler"><hr class="legacyRuler"><hr class="invisible minimal-padding">The Giumarra Companies is welcoming Gary Caloroso to its avocado and asparagus sales staff. He will serve as Director of Marketing where he will work with retail and foodservice customers, commodity boards, and additional third parties to develop engaging promotions for avocados and asparagus packed under the Nature’s Partner label.</p><hr class="legacyRuler"><hr class="invisible minimal-padding"><p><img src="" alt="Giumarra's </p /><hr class="legacyRuler"><hr class="invisible minimal-padding"></p><p>New Director of Marketing For Its Avocado and Asparagus Sales Staff"><hr class="legacyRuler"><hr class="legacyRuler"><hr class="invisible minimal-padding">Mr. Caloroso graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles and most recently served as an Executive Director for GolinHarris. He will be based in Giumarra’s Escondido, California office, according to a press release.<hr class="legacyRuler"><hr class="legacyRuler"><hr class="invisible minimal-padding">Bruce Dowhan, General Manager of Giumarra Agricom, states, “Gary has more than 20 years of strong marketing and merchandising experience.” Mr. Dowhan, continues, “His creativity and understanding of promotions will be essential to our growing team as we continue to explore ways to add customer value to our avocado and asparagus programs.” </p><hr class="legacyRuler"><hr class="invisible minimal-padding"><p><img src="" alt="AndNowUKnow: Nov 13" /></p><hr class="legacyRuler"><hr class="invisible minimal-padding"><p>“We see many opportunities within the fresh avocado and asparagus categories to develop targeted consumer promotions based on a variety of angles from season to nutrition,” says Mr. Dowhan. “These will help further our ongoing goals to drive consumption and connect consumers with the Nature’s Partner brand.” </p><hr class="legacyRuler"><hr class="invisible minimal-padding"><p><a class="btn btn-sm btn-primary col-lg-12" style="white-space: normal;" href="" target="_new"> Giumarra Companies </a></p><hr class="legacyRuler"><hr class="invisible minimal-padding">