Gladstone Land Acquires Nebraska Farmland

Mon. October 7th, 2019 - by Maggie Mead

MCLEAN, VA - If there are three things we can count on in life, it’s death, taxes, and Gladstone land acquisitions. Gladstone Land Corporation has spent millions snatching up farmland for blueberries, pistachios, wine vineyards, and more, for some time now, expanding its real estate and produce portfolio. Now, the company has acquired 3,850 more acres in Nebraska, with plans to take operations in an organic direction.

“This is an exciting acquisition for us,” said Bill Hughes, Managing Director. “We are entering a new farming region in the U.S. and beginning a new tenant relationship with Granstrom Farms, one of the leading organic growers in Nebraska. Having a presence in this area will not only give us a great new relationship with one of the top growers in the state but will also give us exposure to potential new crop types for our farmland portfolio. In addition to the 17 new irrigated circles, we will be constructing a state-of-the-art grain drying and storage facility to safely handle and protect the integrity of the organic grain on the farms. The company is making a concerted effort to acquire or develop more organic crops within its farmland holdings, and it believes these acquisitions demonstrate its commitment to farms growing healthy foods.”

Gladstone Land has acquired leading organic grower from Nebraska, Granstrom Farms

The new farmland is located in the Hayes and Hitchcock Counties, and cost Gladstone approximately $14.7 million, according to a press release. The acquisition includes 10-year, triple-net lease agreements on each farm. The acquired farms currently grow corn, soybeans, and edible beans, and will be completely converted to organic farmland by 2021.

David Gladstone, President and CEO, Gladstone Land Corporation“An interesting aspect of these purchases is that the company will be assisting the farmers in their transition from conventional ground to organic certification of the farm,” said David Gladstone, President and CEO. “The organic certification is expected to result in the farmer receiving premium prices for the crops, which will, in turn, make the farm more valuable to the company. The company seeks to own farms growing healthy foods, and with the demand for organic food continuing to grow, the acquisition of these farms is evidence of its continued focus on this investment strategy.”

Where will Gladstone set its sights on next? AndNowUKnow will keep you posted.

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