GoldenSun Insights Announces Agreement to Sell Company

Mon. September 21st, 2020 - by Lilian Diep

MOUND, MN - Growth is a natural part of owning a business. For a strategy-centric firm like GoldenSun Insights, growth will continue to happen. Recently, the company announced the signing of an agreement to sell the company to Randy Riley, Kroger's Director of Produce, and Jason Fuller, Vice President of GoldenSun Insights, effective October 1, 2020.

Don Goodwin, Owner and Founder, GoldenSun Insights“I am excited to have Randy and Jason acquire the company. At our core, we are a strategy-centric firm with a deep understanding of retail, and the background of both these individuals will continue to strengthen our capabilities,” said Don Goodwin, Owner and Founder, GoldenSun Insights. “Randy’s expertise in retail and Jason’s deep knowledge of selling produce will help us better serve our clients through effective strategy and new growth opportunities.”

GoldenSun Insights is one of the only companies whose clients span from seed to retail, working with seed companies, grower-shippers, distributors, trade associations, and retailers. According to the press release, GoldenSun was founded by Goodwin in 2004. He will stay on in an advisory capacity to the company.

GoldenSun Insights announced the signing of an agreement to sell the company to Randy Riley, Kroger's Director of Produce, and Jason Fuller, its own Vice President

Riley started his career as a produce clerk in the stores and graduated to other roles such as produce coordinator, produce buyer, promotional planner, and category manager. Admired for his breadth of knowledge, he is a strategic thinker and is always looking for new and innovative ways of solving complex issues within the produce industry.

Randy Riley, Director of Produce, Kroger“Don and his team have built a unique company with a unique set of services from seed to retail for their clients,” said Riley on the acquisition.

Adding more than 20 years of experience, Fuller brings deep expertise and knowledge of the buy/sell process between growers and retailers. Fuller has developed the confidence of many retail customers because of his deep knowledge, integrity, and follow-through.

Jason Fuller, Vice President, GoldenSun Insights“We are excited to carry on Don’s vision of strategy, business development, and marketing into the supply chain and through retail,” said Fuller.

With such depth and breadth of experience coming into the fold, GoldenSun Insights can only grow and strengthen through its deep retail insights and supporting its clients with marketing and business development.

“My intention is to first focus on my health. I will be supporting Jason and Randy and their team part-time. I also hope to focus on expanding my role to work with Universities, Mergers and Acquisitions, and participation on boards,” commented Goodwin.

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