Good Foods' Vice President of Marketing Jim Garsow Talks Innovation and Creation

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Wed. October 26th, 2016 - by Laura Hillen

PLEASANT PRAIRIE, WI - Always working towards maintaining its reputation as a leading manufacturer of fresh food products and beverages in the U.S., Good Foods is looking to expand upon the high quality offerings within its company to further its dedication to delivering convenient and healthy products to consumers. 

This dedication to its customers throughout the nation extends from a focus on sustainability to developing new products as well, as Vice President of Marketing Jim Garsow recently told me. 

Jim Garsow, Vice President of Marketing, Good Foods

“At Good Foods, we’re passionate about creating quality foods to help nourish lives,” Jim says. “Our vision is to make delicious products with convenience, high quality, and mindful nutrition at the forefront. It’s our mission to ‘share the goodness.’” 

Jim tells me that Good Foods’ recipe for premium products is simple; use fresh ingredients, add a dash of culinary creativity, and use a cold pressure process to lock in the freshness, taste, and nutrition of each product.

“We constantly strive to improve traditional foods, and to create exciting new ones,” Jim explains. “We take out all added sugars, saturated fats, and excess sodium to make more room for fresh vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.” 

Good Foods prides itself on never containing artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives in its products. Jim tells me that this is due to a company-wide acknowledgement of the importance of proper nutrition both for the self, and family. 

“Good Foods is just like it sounds, something you can feel good about,” Jim says, detailing that the company takes its sustainable efforts just as seriously as its product offerings as Good Food strives towards a zero waste to landfill goal. 

Jim says that to maintain the company’s commitment to its tagline, “We’re real people, using real ingredients, to make really good foods,” Good Foods relies on product sampling, social media, and targeted coupons to differentiate its brand. These methods of special merchandising allow the company to remain connected with its customers.

“All of our products are made in our state-of-the-art production facility in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin,” Jim says. “Our current product line spans guacamole, Greek yogurt dips, non-dairy dips, protein salads, grain salads, dressings, and cold pressed juices.” 

This focus on keeping innovation and consistently successful is evident in the company’s latest offerings; Grab & Go Snack Packs. Available in four varieties, the snacking option is becoming a consumer favorite for an on-the-go, single-serve food full of energy containing ingredients.

Jim says the to further the push of its new Snack Packs, Good Foods launched a new website at the beginning of October, right during the lead-up to PMA Fresh Summit. 

As the company looks to launch its website and continues the development of new products, stay with AndNowUKnow for the latest.

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