Hazel Technologies and A.R. Produce & Trucking Corp. Report Outstanding Quality and Program Growth for Tropical Commodities; Tommy Caruana and Frank Martinez Discuss

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Fri. June 11th, 2021 - by Lilian Diep

CHICAGO, IL - Hazel Technologies is tackling food waste once more as it partners up with a new ally. The USDA-funded technology company is aiming to protect quality in the produce supply chain and fight food waste with the help of Homestead, Florida-based A.R. Produce & Trucking Corp., a tropical and subtropical grower and importer of over 30 commodities. Together, both companies are aiming for growth in key tropical commodities including dragon fruit, tropical avocados, and okra.

Tommy Caruana, Director of Retail Business Development, Hazel Technologies“Hazel Tech is looking to add value across the supply chain, we understand the pain points and are passionate about solving problems with shrink,” commented Tommy Caruana, Director of Retail Business Development at Hazel Technologies. “At Hazel, we are focused on sales drivers like avocados and other tropical novelty commodities, because we understand the importance of variety at retail and its impact on the global supply chain. That is why Hazel is intentional about creating solutions that are easy-to-use, affordable, and accessible.”

According to the release, A.R. Produce also has integrated Hazel Tech® products into its vegetable program. Retailers and growers alike understand the shelf-life challenges that come with stocking and shipping both tropical fruits and vegetables. Produce Managers excited to add interest and differentiation to the department often look for opportunities to add tropicals to their set. With the novelty sometimes comes challenges.

With the help of Homestead, Florida-based A.R. Produce & Trucking Corp., Hazel Technologies is eyeing growth in key tropical commodities including dragon fruit, tropical avocados, and okra

The USDA notes in its Shrink Estimates for Fresh Foods study that tropicals are leaders in shrink with ranges hovering between 20–40 percent with okra being the highest shrink fresh vegetable sold at retail, stated the release. Eager to find easy-to-use solutions that reduce shrink and deliver a premium quality experience to consumers, Hazel Tech and A.R. Produce have partnered to improve quality over the past three years and successfully changed the scorecard for these highly perishable categories.

Frank Martinez, Owner, A.R. Produce & Trucking Corp.“Major retailers rank our performance across several key categories with quality being a priority,” commented Frank Martinez, Owner of A.R Produce & Trucking Corp. “By investing in Hazel’s technologies across our product line, we’ve been able to reduce quality claims by over 50 percent and improve our scores with key retailers. I’m proud that today A.R. Produce is no longer in the middle of the pack and now we’re a preferred category vendor through our commitment to innovation and optimum quality. Most importantly, having a reputation for top quality opens the door for more new business opportunities with existing customers.”

How will Hazel Technologies and our industry as a whole continue to reduce food waste and expand its sustainable prowess? AndNowUKnow will keep a pulse on the newswires.

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