Hood River Cherry Company's Jared Gidley Details Differentiating Cherry Program and Retail Benefits

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Thu. May 9th, 2024 - by Anne Allen

HOOD RIVER, OR - Hood River Cherry Company is looking ahead as it shares details regarding its Northwest cherry crop. I spoke with Jared Gidley, Chief Executive Officer, to learn more about what the company expects from its cherry program.

Jared Gidley, Chief Executive Officer, Hood River Cherry Company

“We grow tree-ripened, high-elevation cherries. They are the firmest, sweetest, and biggest cherries on the market,” Jared begins. “We don't begin harvest until our cherries reach 21 brix, whereas the industry standard is 17."

At the high-elevation, the cherries are exposed to ideal weather. The warm days and cool nights result in better sugar development for incredible flavor, firmness, and crunch.

“At this point in the season, we are excited for our crop. We can see at this point that we had good pollination weather and the weather allowed for a drawn-out bloom window allowing for separation with early district fruit and later higher elevation fruit,” Jared adds. “The trees are growing well, and we should begin our harvest around the middle of July.”

Jared notes that the season should be in full swing by July 20 with volume through the end of August.

Hood River Cherry Company will have its cherry program operating at full capacity by July 20, so retailers should start planning ASAP

“Cherries are commonly an impulse purchase by the consumers. Placing them in highly visible locations can move a lot of volume and generate repeat purchases,” Jared details, before issuing one final bit of advice to retailers. “Cherries are highly perishable and should be kept cool whenever possible when on display to maintain freshness and shelf life.”

AndNowUKnow will continue to keep track of the upcoming cherry season so stay tuned!