Hungenberg Produce's Jordan Hungenberg Discusses Expansion, New Additions, and More

Wed. July 11th, 2018 - by Lillie Apostolos

GREELEY, CO - Whether tucked in with a Sunday roast or chopped up in a crisp salad, carrots make their way into diets all over the world in more ways than I can fathom.

With so many go-to meals hinging on the addition of the veg, I got to wondering how carrot season is shaping up. To connect the dots, Jordan Hungenberg, Hungenberg Produce’s Co-Owner, fills me in on the latest for carrot season and more.

Jordan Hungenberg, Co-Owner, Hungenberg

“We started planting in March, and we will begin harvesting in early July for both organic and conventional carrots,” he explains, sharing that the company is right on schedule for harvesting. “We have had a few storms roll by, but, for the most part, our crop is looking really strong. Colorado can have some challenging weather, but I try not to let adversity take away from the majority of fields being near perfect. I just keep my nose to the grind and keep working.”

Bright outlook in tow, Jordan says that this year’s volume is bigger than ever, as the company continues to focus on expansion of its production year-after-year.

Hungenberg carrot production is bigger than ever this year

“Our first year we were only growing 62 acres of organic carrots. That was 2015, and now we are over 220. With Colorado’s population growing, and the organic sector staying strong, it was a smart play for us,” Jordan says to me.

As production revs up to meet growing consumer demands, the company has a carrot that keeps retailers running back for more: prime positioning. Being centrally located within the U.S. has its perks, providing fresh produce to retailers from every angle.

“Our carrot program's main incentive is being centrally located in the middle of the United States. With transportation fighting its own challenges across the United States with all growers and distributors, saving money and time on freight is huge for our customers,” Jordan shares. “Having a fresh product on the shelf is also an incentive. Most places we ship to we are no more than a day or two away from distribution centers.”

Hungenberg Produce’s recent increase in production comes at a time when it is welcoming new Food Safety personnel

Hungenberg Produce’s recent increase in production comes at a time when it is welcoming new Food Safety personnel, making sure that the produce leaving its docks is safe for those looking forward to enjoying it.

“Growing and packing a delicious and safe to eat product to all consumers is our top goal, so this year we were very excited to bring on Antoinette Machado out of UC Davis to our food safety team. She brings a pair of fresh eyes, abundant knowledge in processing vegetables, and a whole lot of enthusiasm to our team,” Jordan shares of the exciting new addition to the team.

Congratulations to Antoinette and the whole Hungenberg team on the new addition to the company’s safety efforts.

Does this news tug on your inner Bugs Bunny and have you asking, “What’s up, Doc?” Well, that’s not all, folks. AndNowUKnow will keep you updated on the latest industry trends and happenings, so stay tuned.

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