Ippolito International Readies Brussels Sprouts Lineup for IFPA Foodservice Conference; Lara Grossman Details

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Tue. July 25th, 2023 - by Jenna Plasterer

SALINAS, CA - If you ever need inspiration on how to rebrand your image, take a lesson from Brussels sprouts. Over the years, the category has risen to star status, making a splash everywhere, from social media to restaurant menus around the globe. Tapping into this trend is Ippolito International, and the supplier is helping its foodservice partners do the same.

Lara Grossman, Director of Marketing, Ippolito International“What Ippolito brings to the foodservice buyer is twofold: convenience, because we offer commodities as well as a broad line of value-added and consistency, because our vertically integrated grower-shipper-processor business model provides more supply stability than most,” says Lara Grossman, Director of Marketing.

To highlight what it has to offer, Ippolito will be showcasing its Brussels sprouts program at this year’s International Fresh Produce Association (IFPA) Foodservice Conference. The line runs the gamut of Brussels sprouts formats, including wholes, halves, shaved, and leafed.

Ippolito International is tapping into the ever-rising trend of Brussels sprouts and is helping its foodservice partners do the same

Based on the success of this program, the grower is looking for even more opportunities to evolve its portfolio to meet the needs of the foodservice sector.

“Our value-added product line was built on our Brussels sprout program, but in the years since we launched our first value-added sprout, it has expanded significantly!” adds Lara. “We now have cut vegetables, chopped greens, and leafy salad blends with conventional and organic options. Moving forward, we will continue to innovate in the Brussels category while selectively working to add value to other commodities.”

Make a stop at booth #805 on the show floor to see what Ippolito has in store for its partners.

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