The Legacy of Mucci Farms' Emily Murracas

Fri. April 12th, 2019 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

KINGSVILLE, ONTARIO - We all hope that those we connect with in business and in life will not only have the potential to be what we need, but will realize and fulfil that potential. Someone who has gone beyond anyone’s expectations is Mucci Farms’ Director of Marketing Emily Murracas.

By now it’s apparent that our team has been spotlighting the women of our industry, and Emily’s team was inspired to share what she has done not just to enhance the company, but to, in many ways, reshape it.

Ajit Saxena, Digital Marketing Coordinator, Mucci Farms“Emily is the heartbeat of the company. She believes that our team can accomplish absolutely anything, and nobody can tell her otherwise,” Ajit Saxena, Digital Media Coordinator, told me. He explained that her keen eye for talent and taste, intuition, and creativity is what allows her to see what many miss, while her optimism continuously lifts the team up. “She’s positive and cares for her team personally and professionally. Despite the chaotic industry we’re in, she’s able to concentrate on every fine point of everything we do, and it’s in those details that we are taken from good to great.”

 Ajit Saxena, Emily Murracas, and Jessica Fraumeni of Mucci Farms at 2019’s CPMA in Montreal, QC

This intuitive direction is so accurate that in the eight years she’s been with the company, Emily’s earned the trust of ownership in new ideas and directions she wants to explore with the brand.

Joe Spano, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Mucci Farms"I thought I knew dedication until I met Emily. I thought I knew what passion for what you do was until I met Emily. She is the silent pulse of Mucci Farms that helps us all be better every day," Joe Spano, Owner/Vice President of Sales & Marketing, commented.

Sharron Barnier, VP Finance & Administration, Mucci FarmsSharron Barnier, Vice President of Finance & Administration, added, “Emily has a contagious leadership style. She integrates herself with her staff and that makes us have a strong creative marketing team.”

That leadership has resulted in numerous awards and recognition, and Emily’s been an instrumental part of overseeing the creation of a consumer-friendly brand that has appealed to retailers across North America. In fact, the team credits her direction and vision with the development of its brand, look, and feel, and under her watch it has won product, packaging, and/or booth awards at every major trade show in the industry.

Carol Bendo, Human Resources Manager, Mucci Farms“Emily’s ability to develop a compelling vision for a project is outstanding. She effectively inspires those around her to achieve excellence in execution and results through her passion and commitment to the end goal,” Carol Bendo, Director of Human Resources, summed up for me.

Wayne St. Denis, Senior Graphic Designer, Mucci FarmsWayne St. Denis, Senior Graphic Designer, has worked with Emily for almost the entire eight years she’s been with Mucci, and said that there are many qualities that make her a great leader: “Her creativity, passion, loyalty, honesty, and ability to multitask are easy attributes to list, but the one trait that stands out is her personable skill that allows her to connect with people. She knows when to motivate, when to sympathize, and when to push. Her care for each individual makes you want to go that extra mile."

That care has also helped enhance the very culture of Mucci. Emily played a key role in building the foundation and standard for company events, such as the annual Employee Appreciation Luncheon for all 1,200 staff members and their families, multiple Christmas parties, leading the launch of employee milestone awards that recognize those who have worked there for 5,10,15, or 20+years, and taking an active role in making sure the company does community work.

Emily has played a key role in building the foundation and standard for company events, as well as taking an active role in community work

"When I joined the company over two years ago, my number one priority was to build my career with an organization that placed a high importance on work culture, because great companies tend to have that in common. It didn’t take me long to figure out that Em’s style of leadership served as the heartbeat for the positive can-do atmosphere at Mucci Farms. To navigate through this industry by leading from the front, and getting people to follow takes a lot of courage, confidence, and an unwavering belief in yourself and your team. Our marketing team is successful because our leader, our heartbeat, believes in us,” Ajit concludes.

One woman walked into an office and made it a home. One person made all the difference. In the case of Emily Murracas, it seems one attitude lifts all.

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