Lone Star Citrus' April Flowers Talks New Healthy Sweetz Sweepstakes

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Thu. January 24th, 2019 - by Kayla Webb

MISSION, TX - There’s no other trend that’s benefitting consumers and our industry more than the healthy eating fad that’s sweeping the nation. While many shoppers and industry members alike have joined the cause to eat more nutritiously, Lone Star Citrus is pulling in those extra stragglers (…guilty!) with its Healthy Eatz with Winter Sweetz sweepstakes.

I chatted with April Flowers, Marketing Director, to find out more about Lone Star Citrus’s latest sweepstakes and campaign that’s helping retailers incentivize their shoppers to grab Texas Red grapefruit instead of unhealthy alternatives.

April Flowers, Director of Marketing, Lone Star Citrus“The Healthy Eatz sweepstakes is built around consumers’ New Year resolutions and the renewal of healthy lifestyle practices we often see corresponding to those resolutions,” April shared with me. “The sweepstakes encourages active engagement with the Winter Sweetz brand on social media platforms and has already gathered 8,000 new and qualified brand advocates that we’ll engage with throughout the year.”

Lone Star Citrus is encouraging shoppers to purchase Texas Red grapefruit with its Healthy Eatz with Winter Sweetz sweepstakes

Running January 8th through February 26th, the Healthy Eatz sweepstakes is supported through social media, Google lead ads, four influencer partnerships, and a Qwik Lok flag with contest info. The lucky prize winner will receive a $500 Amazon gift card, encouraging them to continue purchasing items that support their New Year’s resolutions, as well as one of several shipments of Winter Sweetz.

“We believe it is important that we continually nurture our fans by providing new and interesting ways to use our product in their daily meals,” April explained. “By connecting with our consumers in this way, we are able to encourage repeat purchases. This promotion has been our most powerful one yet because it sends a timely and clear message that healthy is delicious.”

The Healthy Eatz sweepstakes runs January 8th to February 26th and is supported through social media, influencer partnerships, and more

Sounds like a sweepstakes everyone should partake in, if you ask me!

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