Mas Melons & Grapes Introduces Squash Done Right Video

Tue. October 31st, 2017
- by Robert Schaulis     

RIO RICO, AZ – MAS Melons & Grapes is putting its stamp on a seasonal staple, and highlighting one of the company’s most popular autumn offerings with a new video entitled Squash Done Right.   

“Doing squash right means getting every squash to 45 degrees quickly, before they’re even packed,” explains the video’s narrator over field shots of farmworkers harvesting squash and rapidly delivering them to the Orqui Group Squash Packaging Facility in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. “That’s why the trip from field to 45 is so short.”

Next, squash are fed into a cleaning solution and cooled on the way to sorting.

“As squash pour in from the harvest, they’re cleansed in a chlorine water solution—while chillin’ on the lazy river,” the narrator notes. “The long, cold ride ensures their core temperature is precooled to perfection.”

After sorting to ensure the best possible product, the squash is then packed and palletized.

“A few minutes [after sorting],” the narrator explains, “they’re packed in Xtend® breathable packaging, to extend shelf-life, quality, and flavor, and palletized in the cooler.”

The video concludes punningly, “it’s one of the many reasons MAS means more; expect more, expect MAS.”

For more on MAS Melons & Grapes' squash harvesting, cooling, and shipping process, watch the video above.

MAS Melons & Grapes