Massive Drug Bust in Truck Full of Cabbage

Thu. April 27th, 2017
- by Eva Roethler     

PHRAE, THAILAND - Police discovered more than they bargained for while checking a cabbage truck at a routine checkpoint in Phrae.

(source: The Nation)

Law enforcement arrested two men after discovering a massive shipment of as many as 858,000 methamphetamine pills and 36 kg, or 79 lbs, of crystal methamphetamine in bags concealed among piles of cabbage. According to source Nation, police have arrested two men in connection to the incident.

(source: The Nation)

Police seized the drugs and arrested the suspects on Sunday, both of which were charged with drug possession and intent to sell. They added that they would investigate further and seize assets of the people involved, Sa-ard Lenkham and Piyachart Sangsan.

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