Mastronardi New Grape Tomato Packaging, Mas Melons and Grapes Gearing Up for Northern Mexican Honeydews

Tue. April 30th, 2013

Mastronardi Produce has unveiled a few new additions to its line of innovative produce and packaging. While continuing to promote the company's brand creative, Mastronardi has introduced its new grape tomato packaging with the Duo pack... which offers a red and orange tomato; the Trio... which is a red, orange, and yellow, and the Quattro... which is made up of a red, yellow, orange, and a Mini Kumato. The company's Eco Peppers have also sparked quite a bit of interest. The pepper is grown at its EnviroFresh Farms greenhouse. Chris Veillon, Director of Marketing, tells AndNowUKnow, "Its been a great year for Mastronardi as we continue to address the standards of flavor and the possibilities of our produce."
Mas Melons and Grapes has recently wrapped up its southern Mexico Honeydew deal out of Colima, which finished up with great quality. The company is now gearing up for its harvest out of Caborca which will kick off next week offering excellent quality for Northern Mexican Honeydews. May and June are the best times of the year for flavor and quality. The harvest will last until the end of July. The seedless watermelon harvest out of northern Mexico has just gotten under way in Hermosillo and will last until the end of June. Miguel Suarez tells AndNowUKnow “Melon quality has been very good for the last three years out of southern Mexico thanks to cooperative weather and new, better varieties of honeydew. Before that, it was largely hit and miss.”