Mastronardi Produce® Peppe Bonfiglio Comments on Summer Dream™ Winter Positioning

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Fri. December 1st, 2023 - by Anne Allen

KINGSVILLE, ONTARIO, CANADA - During the winter months, shoppers are seeking out more than just hearty meals. They want a pop of summertime freshness, something to brighten the palate. With this consumer demand in mind, Mastronardi Produce® recently introduced its Summer Dream™ raspberry program. To learn more about the benefits of the program, I turned to Peppe Bonfiglio.

Peppe Bonfiglio, Vice President of Sales, Mastronardi Produce®“The Summer Dream program delivers a consistent, flavorful raspberry to consumers 52 weeks of the year. A key benefit to buying Summer Dream is that in the winter months, when the market is traditionally lacking raspberries, we are able to get consumers raspberries that keep summer flavor alive all year long,” remarked the Vice President of Sales.

The vibrant label and packaging are sure to pop on the shelf and land in shopping carts. As an award-winning variety, I can only imagine the past success will drive future strength for the program as well as repeat sales at retail. Having taken home the award for Best Product Promo at the 2023 IFPA Global Produce & Floral Show out of 245 product entries, retailers can bet on Summer Dream making an impression on consumers.

“Retailers know us for the superior products and customer service we’re able to deliver thanks to our proven varieties and robust network of growers,” Peppe added. “Summer Dream meets a retail need and will exceed expectations.”

Mastronardi Produce® recently introduced its Summer Dream™ raspberry program

To capitalize further on Summer Dream’s unique positioning, Mastronardi Produce noted that Summer Dream raspberries are a perfect addition to desserts, charcuterie boards, or just to snack on alone. They can be merchandised front and center, making for a bright display during the winter months or holidays.

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