Monique Bienvenue with Bee Sweet Citrus Shares on Specialty Citrus Varieties

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Thu. October 4th, 2018 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

FOWLER, CA - It’s fitting that this year’s PMA Fresh Summit return to Orlando, FL, as the event usually seems a fresh produce version of Disney World. In the lineup of stops I’d like to make is Bee Sweet Citrus, where Director of Communications Monique Bienvenue tells me much awaits buyers.

Monique Bienvenue, Director of Communications, Bee Sweet Citrus“With California’s citrus domestic season just around the corner, we will be highlighting the availability of our specialty citrus varieties. From Meyer Lemons to Gold Nugget mandarins, we’re exciting to kick off our domestic season with the availability of several unique citrus fruits,” Monique says. “And, come 2019, the Bee Sweet Citrus team will be unveiling new packaging designs for several of our varieties. Our packing house is also utilizing new, state-of-the-art equipment that aids the production of our fruit.”

Going to PMA Fresh Summit, Monique tells me, is a great opportunity for both exhibitors and attendees to meet new contacts within the produce industry, as well as interact with current colleagues face-to-face.

At the company's packing house, Bee Sweet is utilizing new, state-of-the-art equipment to aid in production and packaging

“The event does a wonderful job of shedding light on new and emerging trends within produce, which offers valuable insight to our team,” she adds. “Our team is excited to visit many of the people we work with daily. Whether it’s meeting people for the first time in person, or seeing someone for the first time in years, it’s always exciting to meet with those we wouldn’t be able to see, were it not for the event.”

And with so much in store for the season to come and beyond, it seems she and the Bee Sweet Citrus team will have a lot to share. Don’t miss booth #681 during the big event, taking place October 19-20.

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