MR Farms Kicks Off Canadian Summer Season

Tue. July 17th, 2018 - by Kayla Webb

ST-RÉMI, QUÉBEC, CANADA - Canadian grower MR Farms is ringing in the middle of the warmest season by harvesting and shipping its summer crops. This includes root vegetables, leafy greens, and dry vegetables, all grown out of MR Farms’ growing regions in Canada.

“It was a slow start due to the cold winter and spring, but weather has been on our side for the last couple of months and we expect good volume and strong supply this summer. We have already started harvesting and shipping cauliflower, lettuce, radish, and spinach and expect to start beets and squash in a few weeks,” Dominic Riendeau, VP of Sales, said about his outlook for the 2018 season, according to a press release.

MR Farms will begin harvesting beets and more later this summer

When asked about what sets Canada apart as a strong growing region, Riendeau noted the rich soils and cooler Canadian nights help create stronger growing patterns, especially when compared to warmer east coast regions.

Along with this season’s crop, MR Farms also grows and ships carrots, cabbage, cucumbers, romaine, peppers, and zucchini and ships all commodities to major east coast markets within 24 hours, which helps fresher product reach customers’ shopping carts.

“We are a family-owned company, growing and distributing fresh produce to retailers and wholesalers for over 30 years. My father Michel Riendeau started growing a variety of vegetables and developing the farm in 1984 and we have grown year-after-year expanding our crops and acreage,” said Riendeau. “Our facilities, our farms, and our growing partners are all Canada GAP certified and meet all U.S. standards. Our recent partnership with ADS Management enables us to ship more items to U.S. retailers and expand our offerings.”

MR Farms recently joined ADS Management, which also includes A.D.S., Freshouse, and Hapco Farms

Like Riendeau mentioned, MR Farms recently joined ADS Management, which also includes A.D.S., Freshouse, and Hapco Farms.

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