Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company Joins Produce for Kids' Nationwide Campaign

Tue. August 9th, 2016
- by Jordan Okumura     

FORT PIERCE, FL - Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company is joining the “Power Your Lunchbox Pledge” in an effort to nourish the next generation. The back-to-school pledge, developed by the non-profit Produce for Kids, encourages parents to improve the quality and nutrition of the food they prepare for their kids.

Natalie Sexton, Marketing Director, Natalie's Juices“It’s important to provide an authentic source of nutrition to developing children, in order to promote healthy habits long term and ensure they are receiving the nutrients and vitamins their bodies need,” said Natalie Sexton, the Marketing Director and namesake of Natalie’s Juices, in a statement. “It’s our passion and purpose to squeeze only the highest quality juices to ensure our consumers receive the best!”

Once the pledge is taken, it unlocks a trove of healthy recipes, tips, prizes, and useful products on the Power Your Lunchbox website. The goal of the campaign is to swap out processed and pre-packaged foods for fresh, healthy, and nutritious ones.

Pledging started on August 8 and Natalie’s is asking all of its customers with school-aged children to participate. In 2015, 10,797 families and classrooms took the Power Your Lunchbox Pledge to pack a healthier lunch and helped Produce For Kids donate 118,767 meals to needy families.

Beyond focusing on health, the pledge inspires families to find affordable ways to improve the quality of school lunches and snacks that they prepare. This pledge not only helps their own kids, but also helps families in need as Produce for Kids and its partners will make a collective donation to Feeding America. Feeding America is a non-profit network of more than 200 food banks that feed more than 46 million people through food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, and other community based solutions.

Marygrace and Natalie Sexton

“Produce for Kids and the Power Your Lunchbox Pledge are raising awareness about the importance of building healthy eating habits at an early age,” said Sexton, according to a press release. “As a sponsoring partner of this campaign, Natalie’s looks forward to seeing thousands of school children improve the make up of their lunchboxes and start the school year off right!”

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