Nature Fresh Farms Launches New Branding Touting Benefits of Greenhouse-Grown Produce; John Ketler and Matt Quiring Detail

Mon. October 4th, 2021 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

LEAMINGTON, ONTARIO, CANADA - There aren’t too many words that excite me in the way that “rebrand” does. Naturally, I’m always on the hunt for industry news—but sometimes that news falls right into my lap. Such is the case with Nature Fresh Farms and its announcement regarding its new brand identity to embrace the recent growth and innovation of the company.

John Ketler, Vice President, Nature Fresh Farms“We are constantly striving for perfection when it comes to not only the produce that that we grow, but for the process that it takes to get to the finished product,” remarked John Ketler, Vice President of the greenhouse operation. “This new look and feel encompasses the innovation and growth across every aspect of our farming operation to give customers a look at how far we’ve come and the steps it takes to provide such a premium product.”

Nature Fresh Farms explained in a recent press release that it is launching its new branding by introducing retailers to the depth of greenhouse-grown produce and the benefits of supplying customers with quality produce 365 days a year. The newly branded campaign symbolizes a new era for the company, especially as it continues to grow with sustainability in mind.

Nature Fresh Farms announced a new brand identity to embrace the recent growth and innovation of the company

Growing for a Kinder Future is the mantra of Nature Fresh Farms, and sustainability is the backbone of the company’s efforts around providing quality and flavorful produce year-round, all while producing a minimal carbon footprint.

Matt Quiring, Director of Sales, Nature Fresh Farms“The rapid growth of Nature Fresh Farms over the past few years has helped us identify the need for a change that would reflect all of the best elements of our company. Our purpose, culture, people, products, innovation, and of course, our story are what set us apart,” stated Matt Quiring, Director of Sales. “We now have a refreshed look and message that brings consistency, boldness, and a memorable experience for all of our partners and consumers. This is a really exciting time as Nature Fresh Farms positions ourselves for our next phase of growth!”

This expansion wave is due to several factors. Increased distribution; the physical development of expanded facilities in Ohio, Mexico, and Texas; retail partner growth; sustainability efforts; and new product innovation have all played a role in the success of Nature Fresh Farms as its presence across North America continues to ramp up.

We're excited to see what's next for the greenhouse grower, so stay tuned to AndNowUKnow for the latest.

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