New TOMRA User Interface for Halo Optical Sorter

Tue. November 18th, 2014
- by Andrew McDaniel     

BELGIUM – TOMRA Sorting Food is highlighting its new user interface design for the Halo optical sorter at INTERPOM | PRIMEURS in Kortrijk Xpo, Belgium from November 23 – 25.

To face the challenges of growing demand for more complex sorting of multiple varieties of potatoes that must be washed and packed daily, TOMRA has provided a positive user experience in its new user interface.

The new interface has been designed for the user/operator to make sorting adjustments simple and predictable while enabling full control.  To do this, TOMRA has changed the setup for the defect and product features, giving each user the ability to define their own sorting criteria and name it the way they want it, according to Jim Frost, Market Unit Manager Whole Products Sorting at TOMRA Sorting Food.

Frost adds that defects of different intensity and size will be setup in different ‘feature boxes’ for critical or minor defects.  This will help to remove the fear of the operator changing settings because they have set, saved and named them themselves in the database, allowing for user control of the defect.

Another new feature in the interface allows operators to combine size of the product and color defect levels to allow for more potato recovery.  “Operators will be able to set up a combined sort such as combining a small defect (color) on a small potato (length) as waste, but that same small defect on a bigger potato is still within the grade.  Instead of having setting for every defect separately, we are now combining them making the Halo sorter more intelligent.  The operator can now convert a potato which used to be classified as waste into one which can still be used as a marketable ‘grade,’” said Frost.

To bring all of the innovations together, the new interface now features the touchscreen ‘drag and drop’ feature, which allows the customer to decide, set and clearly see which quality of potatoes goes to what exit.  An ‘at a glance’ dashboard on screen also allow the user to monitor feedback about the potatoes right at the sorter.

The Halo sorter has been designed to reduce labor costs by improving produce quality and shortening working days for a speedy return on investment, according to a press release.

“With 18,000 attendees from over 36 countries, INTERPOM | PRIMEURS provides an outstanding opportunity for producers and processors to discover more about our latest sorting systems, which help ensure maximum profit, quality and efficiency,” said Frost.

The fresh pack applications of the Halo include all sizes and varieties of potatoes, carrots, parsnips, onions, beets, tomatoes and cucumbers.  The processor applications included peeled and unpeeled potatoes, carrots, peaches, pears, tomatoes, green beans, onions, apricots and citrus fruits like oranges and mandarins.

TOMRA Sorting Food will offer more information on the Halo and its new interface at booth 110 at INTERPOM | PRIMEURS.