North Carolina SweetPotato Commission Taps FullTilt Marketing as Its Agency of Record; Michelle Grainger and Melinda Goodman Discuss

Wed. August 11th, 2021 - by Peggy Packer

BENSON, NC - Not only is the North Carolina SweetPotato Commission (NCSPC) getting ready to mark its 60th anniversary, but it’s also celebrating a new partnership as it has named FullTilt Marketing as its domestic agency for marketing and public relations. Known for its expertise in fresh produce, specialty foods, and agriculture, the marketing agency will help the commission ring in its future milestones with success.

Michelle Grainger, Executive Director, North Carolina SweetPotato Commission“We are thrilled to have FullTilt as our partner as we kick off this very important celebratory year,” remarked Michelle Grainger, NCSPC Executive Director. “It is so important to have an innovative day-to-day partner that has your best interest at heart as if it were their product and message, and especially one that brings fresh, bold ideas along with a sense of purpose for what we can execute well together—and that is what we have found in FullTilt.”

As the commission prepared for its 60th anniversary, it looked for new ideas and a fresh start by launching a Request for Proposal process which was opened to marketing agencies across the country, according to a release. Wowing those at NCSPC, FullTilt Marketing stood out amongst other impressive agencies due to its breadth of knowledge in food and fresh produce as well as its focus on those behind the scenes who make everything possible: growers, harvesters, packers, and manufacturers.

The North Carolina SweetPotato Commission celebrating a new partnership as it has named FullTilt Marketing as its domestic agency for marketing and public relations

FullTilt Marketing will now lead marketing, public relations, trade and consumer advertising, graphic design, digital, social media, influencer engagement, retail dietitian programs, and other marketing efforts for the commission.

Melinda Goodman, Founder and Owner, FullTilt Marketing“We can be creative and we can be clever, but first and foremost we must be strategic,” said Melinda Goodman, FullTilt Founder and Owner. “We come to work with the NCSPC with the same mindset we have across all our client relationships: we care about their brand and business and all of our actions must be focused on ROI, therefore we treat it and protect it as our own and we couldn’t be more excited to help them plan for the next 60 years and beyond.”

With a rich history of working with brands in and outside of the produce industry, FullTilt brings not only experience but a love for sweetpotatoes, as Goodman and Jen Velasquez, Marketing Director, claim an obsession with the category and are eager to tell the story of the superfood.

This season’s campaign and year of celebration is already underway with many cameos and video shoutouts from celebrities, along with content that was created for the Olympics.

As the new partnership takes root, what is next for the commission? AndNowUKnow is excited to find out.

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