Oppy Delights Consumers With A Bounty Of Stonefruit

Thu. February 14th, 2019
- by Maggie Mead     

COQUITLAM, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA - Stonefruit is big in my family. True story, my dad requests a homemade peach pie every year for his birthday—a request I’m happy to comply with because it means I get pie! With my predilection for pitted produce, I was excited to get the chance to speak with Eric Coty, Director of South American Imports for Oppy, a company turning heads in the stonefruit game.

Eric Coty, Director of South American Imports, Oppy“As we have seen with grapes and apples, growers are developing new stonefruit varieties that are sweet, flavorful, and stand up well to the realities of shipping to North America,” Eric told me.

According to Eric, Oppy is one of the largest and most comprehensive stonefruit marketers in the U.S. during winter months. The company’s range features a wide variety of stonefruits, including peaches, plums, apricots, cherries, pluots, and, of course, nectarines.

The Regal’in label offers consumers a fruit with a balanced acid to sugar ratio which tested well in Europe

“We are excited to present the Regal’in label of yellow and white fleshed nectarines from Chile for the first time this year,” commented Eric. “Regal’in covers a handful of new nectarine varieties developed in France, selected for their high brix, firmness, flavor, and terrific aroma.”

The Regal’in label offers consumers a fruit with a balanced acid to sugar ratio which tested well in Europe. Though they are sure to be coveted, these nectarines are in very limited supply for a limited time. The Regal’in label is just one of the company’s many high-quality and innovative offerings.

“We’re proud to offer Regal’in among our innovations in the stonefruit category, including the popular lemon plums, the first of which just arrived this week on the East Coast,” said Eric.

With this kind of stonefruit available, my dad might be asking me for a nectarine pie this year.

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