Pacific Trellis Fruit's Cotton Candy Grapes Arrive in Great Quality

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Fri. December 8th, 2017
- by Melissa De Leon Chavez     

LOS ANGELES, CA - The ever-popular Cotton Candy Seedless Grapes have arrived for Pacific Trellis Fruit, and the team reports that the fruit is delicious.

Josh Leichter, General Manager, Pacific Trellis Fruit

“We are excited for the opportunity to extend the season on this very popular grape variety with our retail partners,” explained Josh Leichter, General Manager. “Very limited volumes will be available for this first trial season. With the success of the fruit arriving in good condition and strong consumer demand, we are looking to increase volumes next season.”

The fruit arrived in excellent condition, according to a press release, with the “cotton candy” aroma and flavor the variety is known for.

Pacific Trellis Fruit's Cotton Candy Grapes

This is just the latest fruit to bear from Pacific Trellis’ partnerships in Brazil. As we recently reported, the company announced its having entered a strategic partnership with Brazilian table grape grower Labrunier in October. The Bahia-based grower offers more than 900 hectares in production.

In addition to partnering with expert growers in California and South America, Pacific Trellis Fruit owns and operates a grape ranch in Mexico. The result is the team’s ability to provide grapes and other fruits year-round to customers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Pacific Trellis Fruit